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About me and my shamanic practice.

Shamanism is perhaps the oldest spiritual practice known to man and precedes all religions. This spiritual practice is based in Animism which is the belief that everything is animated by a spirit, soul or consciousness. I came into being a shaman, not by setting my eye on that goal or by a course that I took, but by being led to it with spiritual guides who gave me clues along the way about who I am. I have been shown several past lives as different types of healers and much of that knowledge is being returned to me in this incarnation. It is a matter of remembering what I already know. They also taught me through initiations and hands on experiences how to do this work and how to be of service to others.  In other words, I was taught by spirit. The spirits chose to work with me and I said YES!

              Shamanic healing is done on an energetic level and is about releasing the things that have possibly caused physical, emotional and spiritual issues. It does not replace doctors of other modalities, but is rather a compliment to them. A shamanic healing session helps to bring a person into energetic balance and harmony as negative patterns, trauma and energy is released with the help of my spiritual team of angels, healers, and ascended masters. I find that the most successful sessions are with clients that come ready to do the work.  You are the one who heals yourself, and I am what I like to call a "facilitator" in that healing, as well as a channel for spirit to come through and guide the session and energy. 

     Since this type of healing is energy based, I can do sessions remotely or in person. An in-person session might differ slightly in that I am able to use the physical senses a little more with smell, touch and sound as well as employing some shamanic tools. In an in-person session you will be laying on a massage table and there is no need to disrobe. Remote sessions can be done by phone.

     I create a safe container to perform the session and I have the client actively participate in it. I practice being a "hollow bone", or a clear channel in my work and each client is in a protected and sacred healing space. A follow up phone call is included with the session (if needed) as well as a complimentary preliminary phone consultation so I have a clear idea of what the client hopes to accomplish. This helps me to tune into the clients energy and needs as I prepare for the session.  I often do a pre-session shamanic journey for my clients to see what is needed or what information spirit would like to guide the session with.

     Remember, healing is a process, like peeling back the layers of an onion. A life time (as well as past lifetimes) of trauma and wounds cannot be completely eradicated in one session, but your first session will open the door to healing and much can be accomplished within it. My sessions vary in length depending on what the person needs, but an average session is about 1 -2 hours long.  I teach people daily spiritual practices so that they can become their own healers, but I also recommend follow up sessions if needed to continue on the path of healing and learning more about who you are as a spiritual being. 

Katrina Whitney
Red Mountain Shaman
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